“We live in Webster City and looked into music programs close to home. However, we choose to drive to Ames for Kindermusik each week (80 miles round trip) because Ms. Judy’s classes are so excellent!”
Marcia Rima, mother of Benjamin, 2 yr.


“Ms. Judy is a master teacher! We just watched her teach 75 different skills in one class! So much learning, yet she creates such a very calm environment.”
Mary, Nebraska Clinical Psychologist and Jim, professional musician, grandparents of Kate, 2yr.


“Thank you, Judy, for all your wonderful energy and excitement for learning. Clara loves your class and is learning so much. We know it is a great investment for her future.”
Jennifer, mother of Clara, 5 yr.


“The opportunity to make music in a playful, nurturing environment is one more thing we can do as parents to promote healthy brain development in our children.”
Dr. Foster Wendel, Ames Pediatrician.


“We are so impressed by the curriculum and your teaching style Judy.”
Mona, facilitator of “Parents as Teachers”,
The People Place, Ames, and mother of Elias 11 mos.


“I am constantly amazed by just how much children learn at Kindermusik.”
Janet, mother of Jack, 5 yr.


“I think the cost is so reasonable.”
Amy, mother of Aubrey, 3 yr.


“Kindermusik day is our favorite day of the week. Thanks for creating such a great place for Ames children to learn, Judy.”
Mary, mother of Sally, 2yr.


“My son is ahead of his peers at school – I know it’s because of all the Kindermusik he participated in.”
Cathy, mother of Brendan, 6yr.


“Ms. Judy is amazing! She is enthusiastic, energetic and able to engage every child… each personality type and level of development.”
Judy Rudman, Ames Clinical Psychologist and mother of Bobby 5 yr., Jeffrey 3 yr., Natalie 6 mos.


“I want to go to Kindermusik every day!”
Kevin, 6 yr.


“Judy is passionate about Kindermusik! And children of all abilities and disabilities benefit from this developmentally appropriate curriculum.”
Pam, Grandmother of Ben, 2yr. and Special Needs teacher.


“Kindermusik For The Young Child!” has been intense fun and intense learning combined. My son started piano after he completed this class and his teacher was very impressed with all the musical skills he had learned at Kindermusik.”  Helle, mother of Nikhil age 7yr.